Win Tickets To The Ringling Bros. & Circus in Dallas!

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey are at it again with a super exciting and fun-filled event as they celebrate 145 years of existence. I expect it to be another heart-smashing thrill like last year’s. This time, we get to watch, majestic animals, astounding performances and death-defying stunts in a magically spectacular live event. I can’t wait to find out what else they’re brewing, but I reckon it’s something nowhere less of spellbinding, another surreal show that will create memories people will love to share across the generations yet to come. After all, it’s summertime and what better way to spend than to explore a world of tradition and culture. From what I’ve heard, America’s Living National Treasure takes part in it as it happens at The Greatest Show On Earth. Contemporary surprises are surely a certainty.

As an adult couple who remember the Ringling Bros. Circus from way back in 70’s, we’re very eager to see. It has scaled back from what was known as the Three Ring Concept, just in a highly entertaining spirit. The elephants definitely made the event for us. The tiger were just way too marvelous. Every acrobatic act literally took our breath away. I must say that the musical scores brought us goosebumps too. Refreshing and enlivening to witness every time.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & BaileyI’m sure you can tell that I’m bringing my family once more to this upcoming circus by undoubtedly the best entertainment companies in Dallas. But before anything else, I figured it’d be best to share an opportunity to win exclusive tickets to this show. I’ve already submitted my entry, but click this link to join the contest and you might win some too.

Winners will be receiving 4 complimentary vouchers for the magnificent circus set to happen around the Dallas Fort Worth area. These vouchers will be used to redeem the actual tickets for any of the weekday performances. Make no mistake in delaying, though. These vouchers are only valid for a week that’s why I’m really keeping tabs on the contest results. Either way, we won’t be missing it. It’s become one of those staple annuals in Dallas that imbues families with the Yuletide Spirit long before Christmas.

Check the schedules out here, so you can get your family ready prepared for one of several nights to never miss every year in Dallas!

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  1. You sound like ultimate circus lovers! We have taken boys we sponsored from Buckner Children’s Home, then took our children several times. We took my mother for her 90th birthday–and she loved every minute and had to have a snowcone. Now we would like to take our grandchild. The tigers sound terrific!

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