Up to 75% OFF! Massage & Scrub or Couple’s Massage at Tranquility Massage Bodyworks


After a week of non-stop home chores and stressful study and/or work, you just want to lay down, relax, and shake all the negative vibes you earned during those days. Do nothing! But, as much as you want one day to be a lazy day enjoying what the Italians call dolce far niente, you can’t. I think I have a solution for that!

When looking for coupons, my primary stop, next to groceries, is the Spa and Beauty section. I am a mom. I also need my day off and I long to be pampered seriously to prep myself up for another series of seemingly endless mom duties. Not complaining. I am just saying being a mom should not take us completely away from taking good care of ourselves. It boosts our confidence and helps us recharge our batteries.

If only my husband or kids can give me the kind of hard-core massage I need to ease my muscles and loosen me up, I would probably not shell a dime for this. On another though, maybe I still will. Why? Because I like coupons! And am I so lucky to have found this coupon that offers 75% OFF on massage service at Tranquility Massage Bodyworks.

There are actually three options that you can choose:

  • $35 for a one-hour massage of your choice and a sugar back scrub ($140 value)
  • $65 for a one-hour couple‚Äôs massage of your choice ($250 value)
  • $119 for two massages, two mini facials, two back scrubs, two beverages, and one fruit and chocolate tray for two ($350 value)

Getting a premium massage right after the busy Christmas Day is the best thing ever, but if you want to really appreciate this awesome deal, you can avail it now and use it before or after New Year’s. It is actually a good way to start the year refreshed and free from stress.

Just visit the Groupon website to buy the coupon and then share it with your friends or family. I bought a few as late gift for my mom and dad. Enjoy the massage!



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