The 2016 Spotlight Screenplay Competition

Do you want to get featured as a screenwriter? Dismiss all of your hesitations and inhibitions. If you have the flare for writing and know you got what it takes to go Hollywood kind of big and more for your heart’s inflamed passion, be part of the 2016 Spotlight Screenplay Competition.

I’m signing myself up into this new, exciting and clearly promising gig because it enigmatically feels like an all-time high for me to shine (and I’m simply taking a quick break from the piece I’m currently writing about my vision of DC’s Aztek: The Ultimate Man to share this magnificent opportunity with you). While I’m really stoked to submit the will-be final outcome of my sleepless yet ecstatically white hot nights, it’s always more fun to get a bigger talent pool hooked into a chance of a lifetime — one that is clearly woeful to miss.

For an event this big, an attractive cash prize (specifically $5,000.00) is there to be expected for whoever will be hailed victorious. What grinds my gear most are the one-year invaluable mentorship — courtesy of the colossal International Screenwriters’ Association itself! — and industry access (into companies like Nickelodeon, Lionsgate Films, Eclectic Pictures and Paradigm to name a few) that go with it. As for the mechanics, all you have to do is start penning your very own feature script in the genre of your choosing. The screenplay should be nowhere less than 90 pages and not beyond 130. Most importantly, you have to solely own the rights of the story.

A wall of digital text won’t be enough to express the rapture I can’t seem to contain for this contest and I have countless ideas to catch by their tails, so I’ll leave you to check this link out to get oriented of all there is to know about it. Nevertheless, join me in realizing the dreams we share in this playful craft. And whatever happens, let’s take it for all the fun and imaginative writing it houses. 

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