Suicide Squad – Movie Release Party For The Evil Side Of Justice!

Zack Snyder took massive shit on DC. So massive, the sewage continues to clog the drain that everyone — as much as they don’t want to — continues to smell it. If you’re disappointed with the past two seasons of “Arrow”, there’s no other man to blame than Snyder. No, I’m not going to rant entirely here. I bear great news in this post like the title says. Villainous movie release party! But before that…

As avid fans of the comic book series, most of us prefer what we were given the first two seasons. So the question goes like this: What really messed things up? You must be wondering why there were teasers of Harley Quinn during some ARGUS scenes upon the deployment of the show’s lineup of “Suicide Squad.” That was left hanging and she was hinted no more in the episodes and seasons that passed by. Slade Wilson, in his brief appearance in the third season, lost his luster mainly because he was presented barely as himself. Not as Deathstroke. The Huntress was taken away from the spotlight as soon as it was given to her. In short, all these interesting DC properties were removed as Snyder held sway of the bigger projects of Warner Bros. and DC with the paving of the DCEU. Seasons 3 and 4 were supposed to be largely based on these characters. Last minute alterations were made to the script and Arrow was reduced to some disjointed fiasco, mixing in mysticism, cheesy Felicity loveteams and frivolous fan service in desperation to restore the show’s shining glory.

While Batman v Superman was underwhelming for a titan superhero team-up movie that the most loyal fans awaited for three years, the upcoming big screen Suicide Squad is getting highly positive reception from movie insiders and from the most pessimistic critics. “Deadpool” numbers are popping up, which clearly makes it evident that DC has learned the lesson it should have long ago. They’re doing it the way Marvel does.

suicide squad

To keep the positive energy rising and fuel you with more excitement, a back-to-back movie release party of Suicide Squad will be held this coming August 5, 2016 at 7 p.m.  – August 6, 2016 at 12 midnight at the Community Room of AMC Valley View 16 in Dallas, Texas. There will be an interactive cosplay and a photo booth, so definitely feel free to come with your superhero getup or simply as yourself. There will be giveaways and exclusive merchandise from the movie franchise that definitely should not be missed. For ticket prices, you may check out this link.

I am stoked to witness this could-be saving glory of DC Films. With all my euphoric enthusiasm to see how the evil side of justice pans out, I can’t wait to see you there, superhero buddies!


Watch this trailer if you haven’t yet… There’s more Batman in it!



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